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about_us_1About Us

The personal touch of one-on-one service is our top priority at Benefit Masters, Inc. We pride ourselves on responsive, courteous customer service, and work hard to build a relationship with each and every one of our clients. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, we treat you as if you were our only client, and give your concerns our undivided attention. Benefit Masters, Inc. provides comprehensive benefits consultation along with human resources support to clients throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.  Servicing other states is possible.

Personalized Service and Customized Plans

about_usNo two companies are the same. Every client relationship at Benefit Masters, Inc. begins with a deep and thorough understanding of your business. We want to understand not just your current needs, but your business goals and how growth could affect your future benefit requirements. We help you to stand out from other companies in your industry.

Once we understand the unique requirements of your organization, we can develop the ideal benefit package that is not only affordable but will attract and retain your employees. Creative plan design and thorough market research help us arrive at a customized benefits package that delivers the maximum value while meeting your requirements.

about_us_2With your benefit plans in place, your customization continues with the creation of personalized publications/communications that provide information on both your company’s benefits and those frequently asked questions about company specific information.  We manage these areas to enrich your company’s foundation so you have the free time to focus on all the other demands that allow your company to grow and prosper.

We’re more than just a benefits consultant – we offer HR Resouces and services for your organization. Our goal is to be your single resource for any benefits issue your business or your employees face. We are your one stop shop.  When questions arise, we’re a phone call away.

About Our President

Val McAulay has enjoyed a career in the group insurance business since 1993. She has extensive experience with a range of clients, including local, national, and international corporations, as well as government subcontractors and non-profits. Known to her clients as “The Problem Solver,” Val takes pride in finding solutions to employer benefit dilemmas that no other consultant could solve.  She is also referred to as the “Mother Hen” of employers and employees by understanding everyone has individual needs and advocating for them when and where needed.