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Benefits for Startup Businesses

start_upOne of our specialties!  When building a company from the ground up, you start by assembling a team of topflight professionals. Attracting the right team player is no small feat, however for startup businesses, the challenge can be even greater, without an established, solid reputation that many candidates are looking for in their next role. The benefits package you offer plays a major role in your ability to attract and retain top candidates. Benefit Masters, Inc. provides experience in both Benefits and HR navigation.

At Benefit Masters, Inc., we understand the balance many startup businesses must strike between offering attractive benefits without hurting your bottom line. We specialize in customizing benefits packages that are flexible enough to meet the demands of startup companies. Benefit Masters, Inc., works with business of any size, from small to large, in a range of industries.

We focus on the benefits and HR paperwork required to get your new hires up and running so you can focus on the other aspects of stabilizing and growing your company.

start_up_2When you work with Benefit Masters, Inc., you can count on personalized customer service for both you and your employees. We’re more than a consultant, we’re the human resources division of your growing startup, and we’re invested in the success of your organization. When you partner with Benefit Masters, Inc., you can count on:

  • Personalized customer service. We work one-on-one with you and your employees.
  • After hours and weekend availability for you and your employees.
  • Assistance with distribution and collection of required employment paperwork
  • Secure treatment of personal identifiers and protected health information.
  • Flexible benefits offerings to respond to onboarding and offboarding of employees.
  • Access to an online enrollment system and benefits administration
  • Benefits compliance and labor/employment support, with attorney consults available if required.
  • Total Compensation Statements for employees.
  • Enrollment documents with Spanish translation if required.
  • State Continuation Services